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'If you have too many girls, that's a problem'

'If you don't have children, that's also a problem.' 'There's no right way to live because everybody has an opinion...

The SUPER FUN Bollywood Quiz!

Sukanya Verma quizzes you to find out just how much you know about the movies. via Read The Rest

This Is How Ananya Takes A Picture!

Sharvari rocks the sari... Esha sends love from Miami... Swara adds sunshine to her wardrobe... via Read The Rest

Where is Shah Rukh's Little Girl Suhana Going?

Kartik meets Anees Bazmee... Sanya heads to the gym... Sonal takes a walk... via Read The Rest

'That's why girls like me are single'

'Most of these dating sites are nothing but hook-up culture and I don't relate to that.' via Read The Rest

Why Karan Johar is EXCITED

'Alia is equal to my twins, Roohi and Yash. The twins know Alia as their elder sister.' 'Now they know that there is going to b...

Box Office Report Card: Bollywood's HITS and MISSES

Joginder Tuteja looks at the releases which did a minimum lifetime business of Rs 20 crore. Unfortunately, the list is not very long. v...

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