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Animal Races To Rs 2 Billion!

Meanwhile, Sam Bahadur is fighting to find a place for itself. via Read The Rest

'I should have controlled my anger'

'I never fought with anyone.' 'I was not rude to anyone. 'I did not argue with anyone.' 'I did not misbehave with a...

Sam Bahadur Is A Delight To Watch

For someone like me who studied Sam so intently, if a lump could form in the throat during the emotive scenes, I think the cast did a super...

Raakhee Set For Grand Comeback!

'I was always a reluctant actress. I still am.' via Read The Rest

Salaar Trailer: Non-Stop Action!

If Salaar is just a compendium of violent action, and an overuse of CGI, it would be a tedious watch, sighs Deepa Gahlot. via Read The ...

Who's Ranbir Taking A Selfie With?

There's a lot of buzz about Animal. via Read The Rest

OTT: You'll Need A LOOONG Weekend

You'll wish weekends lasted as long as weeks after looking at Sukanya Verma's long, long list of recommendations on OTT this week. ...

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