Tapsee Pannu & Mathias Boe’s Viral Wedding Video: Actress Gets Hailed For Ditching Costly Filmy Weddings, Fans Call ‘Bina Show Off Wali Shaadi’ “Better Than Ambanis”

Ever since the news of Tapsee Pannu’s wedding broke on the internet, people have been looking for proof. Now, a video of Tapsee’s bridal entry has finally made its way to the internet, and we are not surprised by her dhinchak wedding entry, which could be termed the most casual wedding.

Tapsee and her close friends lodged into a beautiful venue in Udaipur during Holi for the most chic wedding in B’town. The Haseen Dilruba actress made an entry dancing to Punjabi Tappe.

Meanwhile, the groom was clad in a white Shervani and adorned with a Sikh turban and a Sehra covering his face. There was no stage decor or fancy glammed-up venue. In fact, the groom and the bride exchanged the simplest Varmala ever.

While Tapsee could not control her excitement, her animated act got huge hoots from friends and family. Mathias Boe chose to act calmly, but you could spot him going bonkers at Tapsee’s antics.

The video was shared by a TikTok account and has been refurbished socially. It is currently going crazy viral on the internet, and fans are hailing the actress for ditching the overpriced and costly Bollywood weddings and choosing a simple and casual way to get married.

A user commented, “Proper sikh wedding !! As no more lehengas allowed for Anand Karaj ( Phere).” Another comment read, “Better then Ambani’s wedding.” A third user wrote, “She sets an example to other actors. Shaadi bhi simple or without show-off ho sakti hai.”

There were people who trolled the wedding and called it, “Bina show off wali shadi.” Another one claimed, “Paisa bachao marriage.” A third comment read, “Is budget wali shadi karne ki meri aukaat to hai bhai.”

Defending the actress, a user reacted to the trolls and said, “Zyada use kare paise to bahot paise udaaye bachaye paise to hasna hai Kuch bhi kare problem hai wo bhi kisi Aur ki shadi mein.” Another echoed the same thought, “Isne itni simple sadgi wali shadi ki lekin uspe b kuch n kuch toh bolna hai.”

A user said, “She set the best example not showing off marriage and kept it low affair…rather than all idiotic couples copying each other and for society raising pressure for common people.”


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